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Hey guys, happy new years or belated if it hasn't happened yet in some countries yet.

Normally I would have done a picture of sorts to celebrate, but I think I need to get somethings out of the way first rather than doodling. First thing is that last year in the spring was my last year attending Community College, then during the fall I had transfer over to a university and I was well, pretty overwhelmed by tha amount of work that had been thrown at me.

I'll leave my college rantings aside for now and go into what's been bothering me and probably you guys all these years; when am I gonna get back on my Spyro Mythology story or finally post up my Spyro Fables one (this was previously called Fairy tales but I decided that Fables was better suited). In truth, I was thinking about rewriting both of them, mainly Fables as I like that story the most, but then I realized something pretty big.

When I was working on Mythology, my main goals were to 1) Draw out decent character development in Spyro as I felt that his overall character in the games was both bland and hollow if that makes sense (hell, I could even argue that Sparx was the only one to even show any character development at all, but this journals not about that) and possibly Cynder and any other already canon characters that exist in the games 2) bring back some old characters from the other Spyro games not counting the ones in Skylanders, 3) give more substance to the main villian, Malefore, and make a path to clearly show what his goals are and why he's doing these things and 4) make an actual epic story that isn't trying to rip off Lord of the rings. I had tallied up the number of chapters that I felt that I would need to work on in order to tell my story effectively, I realized that I had written out 3 acts in total.

Overall I would have to work on over 100 or so chapters and I had to take a step back and think to myself "Is this ok, can I do this?" Needless to say, I'm still not sure, especially over a fan comic. So I have thought of a way to still tell my story while not overly exhausting myself. I figured that I could write it out as one would for a novel and just provide an image for a given scene, seems easy enough right?

Then there's the subject of Fables, my entire rewrite of the original Spyro trilogy. Unfortunately I might have to put that one on hold for a while if I choose to write down Mythology, but overall the plot of Fables is done but I haven't worked out the chapters for it yet.

Well, I think I've written done what I needed to say, until I decide to add more, but I hope that everyone has a better time this year than last year and will be seeing you guys later.


President Cake
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